Celebration Class Assemblies

Each class will have 1 celebration assembly over the year.

This year, they will be in the Spring Term.

We would love for parents, grandparents and family members to come along and help us celebrate the children’s achievements.

Celebration Class assemblies are held on a Monday from 10:10- 10:40am.  During each assembly the children and the teacher talk about their work and the things they have learned and achieved in their  class over the previous few months and week.

This year’s dates are as follows:

Class 6T – 20th January 2020

Class 5RH – 27th January 2020

Class 4C – 3rd February 2020

Class 3K – 10th February 2020

Class 6L – 2nd March 2020

Class 5L – 9th March 2020

Class 4HS – 16th March 2020

Class 3BT – 23rd March 2020