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Gold Medal Award Winners

One of our excellence awards in school is linked to our Traffic Light system of  behaviour management.

Children start each day on Green level – our school code of conduct.

Through sustained effort and improvement they can aspire to a gold level of work and behaviourgold-medal



  • Making a dramatic and sustained improvement in my attitude to  school work.
  •  Completing outstanding pieces of work in all  lessons in a day.
  • Taking an interest in my own learning, – going to great lengths to research and produce  an  amazing piece of homework; setting an important example for others to follow.
  • Going  out of my way to help someone in great need in school.
  •  Being a ‘Golden Citizen’ in school by either

Showing great kindness and friendship to other pupils

Setting an excellent example to others.

Name Class Gold Medal Awarded For
OTIS H. 3RH Takes a great interest in his own learning - often produces more than expected to in homework and researches enthusiastically in every topic in school.
ANNA R. 3/4BT Taking charge of her own learning; making an massive effort to improve her writing, reading and maths.
JACK R. 4C Taking charge of his own learning; working incredibly hard to develop more independence in his learning and how he copes with everyday life in school.
OLIVIA B. 5J Setting an excellent example to others with her great behaviour, hard work and hard work in school.
LEWIS L-C. 5L Taking charge of his own learning; consistently researching and providing excellent homework examples in school, especially his piece about World War 2.
DANIELLE B. 6H For making a dramatic and sustained improvement in her work in the second autumn term of Year 6.
RUBY S. 6T Outstanding pieces of homework sustained throughout this term.