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Pupil of the week

Pupil of the Week is usually awarded during assembly on a Friday.

Awards are given for each class, by class teachers and on occasion by teaching assistants.

Awards are directly linked to the school values of Excellence. Motivation & Hard work, Perseverance, Politeness & Good Manners, Honesty, Friendship, Kindness and Respect. The awards always celebrate good work and behaviour, as well as examples of good citizenship and friendship to others or for any behaviour or activity that positively reflects the school values and show a good example to other children in school.

 Week ending April 16th 2018

Class Pupil Awarded for Teacher's comments
Class 3BT Mrs Bryce / Mrs Twemlow Amelia H. excellence For always listening, trying her best in all her lessons and for quietly getting on with her work. what an excellent attitude!
Class 3G Miss Gibson William s. Motivation & Hard Work For Consistently producing excellent pieces of work in all lessons and for motivating other children in the class too!
Class 4C Mrs Cropper Lucas W. Excellence A fantastic 'all round' start to Year 4. Lucas is a very motivated and hard working member of the class who has produced work of a super standard in every subject. Keep it up, Lucas, Well done!
Class 4L Miss Lewis Thomas B. Perseverance For consistently working hard in maths lessons this week. Thomas didn't find it easy but continued to try. As a result of your efforts, you have made very good progress. Well done!
5RH Mrs Ruddock / Miss Haslam Isobel G. & Scott F. Excellence (and great enthusiasm!) Both Scott and Isobel have showed a real interest and initiative with the homework for the 'Context for Learning work 'We'll Meet Again',They have both done numerous pieces of work at home, brought in lots of relevant artifacts, research and books to show the class in school. Great work, both of you!
Class 5L Miss Lockwood Alex W. All values, especially Politeness and Good Manners. For being such a good role model in the class for your attitude. You always work hard, but your manner do stand out within the class. Fantastic, Alex!
Class 6H Miss Harris Esther C. Kindness, Friendship and Hard work. For being very patient and kind during maths lessons this week, by helping one of your peers with their work. \your explanations show a true understanding too.
Class 6T Mrs Taylor (& Mrs Green) Connie D. Perseverance. For making a fabulous effort to maintain a run/walk combination during our 'mile-a-day' run. You are setting an example to others - well done and keep it up.


 Week ending March 26th 2018

Class Pupil Awarded for Teacher's comments
Class 3BT Mrs Bryce / Mrs Twemlow Anna B. Excellence, Motivation & Hard work For settling into Year 3 brilliantly, even though she's new to the area and for brilliant maths work too!
Class 3G Miss Gibson Abigail W. Politeness & Good Manners For being an excellent role model to the class; being polite to her peers and to all staff every single day. well done!
Class 4C Mrs Cropper Lucia R. Excellence For a absolutely fantastic start to her life at our school. Lucia is already a polite, friendly and very hard working pupil. She is a superb addition to our class and school.
Class 4L Miss Lewis Flynn L. & Noah A. Excellence For both working well with each other to create an excellent 'Stonehenge Sculpture'. You listened closely to Mr Fennelly and followed all of the instructions accurately. Well done.
5RH Mrs Ruddock / Miss Haslam Evanna O. Politeness & Good Manners For being an absolute delight in class since the start of term. Evanna is cheerful, polite and full of enthusiasm at all times.
Class 5L Miss Lockwood Isobel W. Motivation and Hard Work For always trying to explain and work through problems in lessons, even if she is unsure about the work. A fantastic attitude to have.
Class 6H Miss Harris Oscar G. Kindness ans Friendship For tbeing a lunchtime saviour, going out of his way to help his friend searching for and finding his friends property, and all without being asked.
Class 6T Mrs Taylor (& Mrs Green) Alvaro R. Demonstrating all of our school values! For the way Alvaro has settled into our class and into our school life so easily and quickly. He is already setting a fabulous example of behaviour and a wonderful attitude towards isr new school. We are proud to welcome you!