World Book day 2nd March 2017

Year 3 Costumes

Cruella De Ville!
Where’s Wally (Harrison)




Alice & Looking looking cool in their costume.
Miss Haslam – Ready for bed, Ted?
Isabella – Red Riding Hood


Year 3 / 4 Harry Potters
witches & Gandalf  together.
well done Mrs Bryce & Miss Charles












The Force is with us all….
‘Mad Hatter’ Mr Clayton and literary friends!









A room full of wizards & witches!
Miss Lewis and Year 4 children dress up
Mrs Cropper, with Denis & Willy Wonka’s








Miss Armstrong & Elephant!
A crowd of costumes (1)
Another crowd of costumes (2)
Looking Great – Mrs Taylor!
Oliver & Maddox looking fantastic

















Gangster Gran – Sam.
Georgia – Queen of Hearts
Mrs Green & Mrs Jones look the part











Stig of the dump & Batwoman
Jayda – The joker!
Fantastic Mr Fox.
Gangsta Gran & Wally.
Year 5 in costume on World Book Day
Georgia – The queen
Two boys in dresses!
Joker and Gangsters
Year 5 in costume
Rabbit – Miss Lockwood & Alice