Year 2 English & Maths Curriculum 2017-18

Some pupils are still accessing the Year 2 curriculum as they move up to Year 3 in the Junior School.

The following attachments will allow you to access information about the Year 2 English and Mathematics curriculum, if your child is still accessing the work from Year 2 or has gaps in their knowledge in these two core areas of the curriculum.

English Curriculum

The Long Term Overview of English in Year 2 is as follows:-

Year 2 English-Reading-Spoken Language                                               Year 2 English-Writing

A detailed breakdown of the English curriculum can be found by clicking on the links below:-



Click below for all information on spelling in Year 6 and suggested strategies to help you children with spelling in school and at home

Year 2 National Curriculum requirements                  Year 2 spelling

Maths  – Teaching for Mastery
These overviews are designed to support a mastery approach to teaching and learning and have been designed to support the aims and objectives of the new National Curriculum. As a school, we are moving towards a maths curriculum and style of teaching based on Singapore Maths. An overview of the theory behind the new curriculum and teaching methodology is as follows:-
This new Maths Curriculum;

  • has number at its heart. A large proportion of time is spent reinforcing number to build competency.
  • ensures teachers stay in the required key stage and support the ideal of depth before breadth.
  • ensures students have the opportunity to stay together as they work through the schemes as a whole group.
  • provides plenty of time to build reasoning and problem solving elements into the curriculum.


Concrete – Pictorial – Abstract
As a school we believe that all students, when introduced to a key new concept, should have the opportunity to build competency in this topic by taking this approach.
         Concrete – Children should have the opportunity to use actual objects and manipulatives to help them understand what they are doing.
          Pictorial – Children should then build on the concrete approach by using pictorial representations. These  can then be used to reason and  solve problems.
         Abstract – With the foundations firmly laid, children should be able to move to an abstract  approach using numbers and key concepts  with confidence.

An example of a bar modelling diagram used to solve problems.

Everyone Can Succeed
As a school we believe that all students can succeed in mathematics. We don’t believe that there are individuals who can do maths and those that can’t. A positive teacher mindset and strong subject knowledge are key to student success in mathematics.

Year 2 Maths Curriculum

The following diagram, is a general overview of the areas of maths studied in Year 2. This can be subject to some variability across each term, depending on planning and timetable variations as well as pupil progress. For more detailed information on the Year 2 maths curriculum and help with learning maths in school and at home, please click n the documents links at the bottom of the page.

Year 2 – Autumn – Mastery More Detail                Year 2 Spring Term details

Year 2 Autumn Term details                                     Year 2 Summer Term details